Summer, 2020

Dear Vendors and Customers,

   The 2020 Iron County Farmers Market season is approaching quickly! While the current pandemic/ government regulations will require us to make some changes to how we run the market this year, we will still be going ahead with our market plans. All vendors of all types are welcome to come sell your wares. We will not be hosting our spring vendor meeting this year, so instead we hope this letter can answer questions you may have.

   We are following the Guidelines for Farmers Market Managers, Vendors and Customers set forth by Division of Food and Recreational Safety. These may change again, as the season progresses.             The big changes our Market will see this season are:

  • Tables: The way the tables are arranged will be different. We are eliminating the center aisles where people can end up too close to each other. Tables will face outwards, with larger spaces between tables. All vendors will be restricted to one table only for this season, in order to be able to accommodate all of our vendors. Your usual space may not be available. It is possible that we may need to extend tables outside of the pavilion. We will work to accommodate you as best we can.

  • Events and Extras: Most of the extras will not be happening this year-the music, the special events, the children’s activities-anything that encourages people to linger. Some Market fundraising will occur, but it will consist of takeout only at this time. Bring your own coffee and drinks!

    What we ask of our vendors:

  • Wear a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so. It is a recommendation only and will not be enforced.

  • Use single use gloves (money handling) or provide yourself with a private hand washing station.

  • Please use table covers that can be sanitized-plastic or vinyl rather than fabric. Sanitize as needed.

  • No samples.

  • Please don’t come to the market if you feel sick!         What the Market will provide for the vendors:

  • Increased advertising for the Iron County Farmers Market on Facebook & Instagram, in area newspapers, and on local radio. Please contact Deb Tijan with information throughout the season regarding what you are bring to the market to sell.

  • We will provide 2 public-use hand washing stations for vendor and customer use.

  •  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to

    contact us! We look forward to working with you this season!                                                                          What we ask of our Customers:

  • Come see us! We are still here.

  • Try not to touch the merchandise.


Sincerely yours,

Your Board:
Bruce Dalman, President
Grace Swartz, VP
Deb Tijan, Secretary
Shelly Roncali, Treasurer
Darrin Kimbler, John Nuce, Jacey Roncali, Board Members

Market Upgrades Continue . . .


Thank you to the many community volunteers for your support to help improve our market. We also would like to thank Xcel Energy for their support with the electrical project.


We plan to continue making much needed improvements at our market.  We will hopefully have a shed up by spring when the weather permits to put our market supplies and store things to use for special events. When funds become available we would like to work on the roof next.


If you would like to make a donation, you can make a donation below, email us at, or visit our market on Wednesday afternoons or on Saturday mornings, from June to Oct.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.    

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